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  • Mozilla is concerned about Microsoft’s decision to ditch EdgeHTML

    The open internet advocates at Mozilla have shared their concern that Microsoft’s decision to ditch EdgeHTML hands too much power to Google. Microsoft announced it would be dropping its EdgeHTML rendering engine for its desktop Edge browser in favour of Chromium next year. The company uses Chromium for its Android version but has now scrapped […]

  • Phil Spencer: Google Stadia is impressive, but Xbox will ‘go big’ at E3

    Xbox boss Phil Spencer his circulated an internal memo following the Google Stadia announcement promising that Microsoft will ‘go big’ at this year’s E3 conference. Microsoft has been working on a Google Stadia-like equivalent called xCloud for some time now and recently showed it off in a smaller demo. Google got the jump on Xbox […]

  • Apple spends more than $30 million on AWS per month – reports

    Apple is spending more than $30 million (£23.1m) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) each month, according to reports. Originally reported by CNBC, citing sources familiar with the matter, Apple had ‘in the past few months’ signed an agreement which included a commitment to spent ‘at least’ $1.5 billion on AWS over the course of five […]

  • #MWC19: Achieve immersion through video and VR

    A session during MWC highlighted the growing importance of video and VR when it comes to creating immersive experiences. Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo, was part of the session. Vimeo is the largest ad-free video network and its monetisation model allows it to be agnostic, even allowing creators to publish to YouTube. Sud highlighted that […]

  • Uber joins Linux Foundation in further nod to open source commitment

    Uber has joined the Linux Foundation as a gold member, firming up a long-standing commitment to open source technologies. The ridesharing firm, which is working on more than 300 open source projects, said it was looking forward to collaborate with other open source leaders to solve problems and further promote open source adoption globally. One […]

  • Brexit is having little impact on attracting tech sector talent

    Research from the world’s largest job site Indeed has found Brexit is having little impact on the UK’s ability to attract tech sector talent. Among the many fears spread about Brexit was the UK would struggle to attract needed talent from around the world to fill high-skilled roles. Brexit supporters have called for a ‘fairer’ […]

  • GitHub: Kotlin is now the fastest growing language

    Repository giant GitHub has revealed Kotlin for Android is now the fastest growing programming language in the world. As the world’s largest Git repository host, GitHub has a fairly unique ability to discover notable changes in the developer landscape. Last year, Google made Kotlin a ‘first-class’ language for Android in addition to existing support for […]

  • Google adds Smart Reply and Language Identification APIs to ML Kit

    Google has announced the addition of ‘Smart Reply’ and ‘Language Identification’ APIs to its ML (Machine Learning) Kit. Until now, the APIs in ML Kit have focused predominantly on camera-based machine learning processing. The latest additions begin to unlock the many other possibilities for machine learning. Smart Reply provides the same features that you may […]

  • JETCO provides access to over 200 APIs from 13 banks

    Hong Kong-based JETCO is a cross-bank ATM service that has today announced the launch of its APIX exchange platform. APIX provides access to over 200 APIs from 13 banks. Supported banking services include deposit, Forex, loans, investment, insurance, safe deposit box, branch, ATM, and more. Angus Choi, CEO of JETCO, said: “Open banking is a […]

  • Google helps developers automate tasks with Docs API

    Google has launched a Docs API which enables developers to automate tasks for the popular word processor. For many people and businesses, Google Docs has become indispensable. I’m even using it to write this humble article. Today’s API launch helps developers get the most from Google Docs for their own apps. Many of the supported features […]